This a topic that interests all of you, is a worry for many of you, is a convenience for many too, yes you have guessed me right, it is about the wealth chart.
The Hora Chart. 
Lot of you face difficulties in reading this chart, but it is the most simple and easy chart to read and it tells you about how wealthy you would be and the sources of wealth, and the manner in which you will earn this wealth.

The hora chart is prepared from our main chart the Natal chart or the D1 Chart. 
The degrees are seen here. If your natal Lagan is in odd sign, then see its degrees. The degree upto 15 would mean that the Hora Lagan is Leo.
The even natal Lagan with first 15º would give you cancer hora.
Remember there can be only two Hora Lagans. Leo and Cancer namely!
The even Hora Lagan would mean less struggle and the odd hora things achieved by self efforts.
Now similarly, you can construct this chart by looking at the degrees and signs of each planet and placing them accordingly in either Leo or Moon’s Hora.

Now how to read this Hora chart:—
  1. More planet in the Cancer Hora means there would be easy flow of money.
  2. More Planets in Leo Hora means the money comes by efforts, and with obstacles.
  3. See where your 2nd lord of natal chart is placed in your Hora chart. If it is placed in the kendra of your hora then family’s money will come to you or benefit you. If it is placed in 6/8/12 then family money will not benefit you.
  4. See the position of 2L and Jupiter D1 chart  in your Hora chart. If your natal 2nd lord and Jupiter are well placed in Hora chart other than trik bhav, then there is good flow of wealth. If they are in 12th house then you won’t be able to save money.
  5. Sometimes for Scorpio ascendant, and Aquarius ascendant, the 2L and Jupiter are the same, and hence Jupiter becomes very important in Hora chart.
  6. Now you can see the position of you 12L of your D1 Chart in your Hora chart. If it is in 1,2, houses then you will not benefit from the wealth.
  7. Now see the position of your 12L of Hora chart in your D1 Chart, if your 12L is in kendra or trine houses, then you will not enjoy your wealth. You will use it for others’ benefit. Especially, if it is moon. Then due to emotional reasons you will spend on your family or friends.
  8. Now see the position of your 2L of Hora chart in D1 Chart, if it is in kendra or trine houses, then you will benefit from your wealth.
  9. Happy reading to all…
  10. Love Monisha Bhatia

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