Nature Of Doubt

Nature Of DoubtYou need to understand something about the nature of doubt. Doubt is always about something that is positive; you doubt someone’s honesty, you never doubt their dishonesty. This is the nature of humans as well.
We don’t doubt dishonesty? If someone tells you, ‘I love you very much’, you ask them, ‘Really?’ But if someone says, ‘I hate you’, you never say ‘Really?’ Our doubt is always about something positive.
If someone asks you, ‘Are you happy?’ You would say, ‘Well, I don’t know.’ You doubt happiness. If someone asks, ‘Are you depressed?’ You are very sure about you depression. Even if the doctor says, ‘You are not depressed’, you will say, ‘No, no, the doctor does not know, I am depressed!’ We doubt our happiness, but we never doubt our depression.

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