Difference Between a Guru & a Teacher

These days it is very difficult to find a true Guru, whereas teachers are all around. A teacher is one who knows his subject and will come in and deliver the lecture and go. 

Difference Between a Guru & a TeacherBeyond that the teacher has no interest in you. A teacher's interest is in his wages and his work.
A Guru is one who is your mirror, who will make you realise your true self. He connects you to your true self through his guidance.
The one who can introduce you to the realities of nature. The one who will always be with you in the path of your progress either practically or through his words. They are your guiding light.
A Guru is a role model for you. Every word they utter, everything they do... will make an impact on your psyche.
A Guru has the sole intention of seeing you progress in life. He has no desire to compete against you. His sole motive is to see you grow.

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