We All Are Here With Some Purpose In Life

We all are here with some purpose in life.
Some people are here only to serve others. Some are here just to suffer !

Some are here to discover or invent something new in their lifetime and present it to the world !
We All Are Here With Some Purpose In Life
Some are here to offer shoulder to others to cry !

Some are here to entertain others and to give happiness to the world through their talent !

When one is done with their purpose then that day will be the end of their journey in this lifetime !

We all crib for things not going well in our lives. But at the same time how many times have we ever thought that what valuable thing are we giving to the society or world ?

Start giving something to the best of your capacities...each day to the world around you, and you will see that life’s miseries are diminishing. Life will become more meaningful and enjoyable.
Light and blessings

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